Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Spring To Sell Your House

By: Jesse Loader

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Spring To Sell Your House

Tags: “We’re Going To Wait Until Spring To Sell Our Home”

Ahh yes, one of the most common things I hear between the months of
September to April. Look, in theory it’s a good idea right? Well….maybe
not. If you have a real reason to wait until the spring to sell your house,
then fine…but most people don’t. A REAL reason is something like: “I want
my kids to finish the school year before we move to a new school district”
OK, yes that is a good idea. However these are not REAL reasons to wait
until spring: “The market is better in the spring” or “The yard will look so
much better if we wait until the snow melts”

The real estate market does not die on the winter; in fact it can be
extremely busy! I cannot plan a family vacation, the week between
Christmas and new years because I know that I will be insanely busy.
There are so many reason why people need to buy a house, and
sometimes it’s simply because they want a larger one, or they would prefer
a bigger yard…but usually it’s something that has forced them to make a
housing change (new baby, job change, transfer, job loss, newly married,
mother in law has to move in, whatever) My point is, time of year does not
matter to most people when it comes time to make a housing change.

If you plan to be a home seller, what would you rather do? Compete with 5
homes or 25? That could be the difference between selling in the winter,
compared to selling in the spring.

Also, let me clarify what spring should mean to Edmontonians, at least from
a real estate perspective. The spring real estate market starts in February.
So if you truly want to wait until Christmas and new years are over before
you start showing your house, I get it, but don’t wait too long. If you wait
until the May long weekend…you will be competing with many more
comparable homes…and it just makes it harder to sell…period.

If you are thinking about selling in the next several months but don’t know
exactly when to list, call us for a no hassle, no pressure, and no obligation
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