Dear REALTOR®, What were you thinking?…an MLS photo rant

By: Jesse Loader

Dear REALTOR®, What were you thinking?…an MLS photo rant

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It may seem like an obvious step in the home selling process, but great photography can be the difference between selling for top dollar and eventually selling for less than what you should have.

Think about it, home buyers will see the price of your home, and more importantly, they will see the photos of your home before they make a decision to even come to the door…this means you have to sell them before you can sell them. Photography is the perfect way to do that. Here in the greater Edmonton area we are still in a heavy buyers market, which means they are more homes for sale than there are people buying them, so if you are a seller, you need to do anything you can to stand out. Bad photography will definitely help you stand out…just not in a good way. You don’t want to be like this guy:

You might think this is unusual, or a one-off…nope, I see the classic car window pics ALL THE TIME! If you’re going to use your cell phone to take pictures, at least get out of the car!

There are many examples of bad photography, but most aren’t as obvious as this. I’ll show you a few more examples below.

This is a photo of a kitchen of one of my listings when it was listed by someone else. Now here is our photo of the same kitchen when we listed it:

Slightly different angles and better lighting can make all the difference.

Here’s another example from the same house:

Which one gives you a better chance of having a buyer come look in person?

Listing homes can be very expensive as a REALTOR® and in my opinion, this is why a lot of listing agents decide to cheap out and save a few bucks by taking photos themselves. With the advancements in technology and cameras, it’s easy to convince a seller that you don’t need a professional photographer, but as you can see from these examples above, its less to do with the camera, and more the camera operator.

Do yourself a favour when considering hiring a REALTOR®, make sure they go the extra mile with marketing, social media, video, great communication, all of that, but also, don’t forget to ensure they do the little things right. As cliche as it sounds, it can be the difference between “for sale” and “sold”.

Jesse Loader is the founder of the Loader Real Estate Group with eXp Realty.